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Lancewood Capital, LLC is a New York-based investment firm specializing in the origination and acquisition of commercial real estate debt throughout the United States. Our team of professionals has extensive experience in asset acquisitions and structured finance. Lancewood has the distinctive ability to integrate capital markets experience with commercial real estate expertise to successfully acquire, originate, restructure and service unique and complex commercial real estate debt. Our platform focuses on $1 Million to $25 Million transactions secured by multifamily, office, retail, mixed-use and light industrial properties. Since its inception, Lancewood Capital has completed transactions in primary, secondary and tertiary markets in, or within proximity of, most major metropolitan cities.

Lancewood Capital is a principal investor that is capitalized and controlled by its founding partners. Our capital strength and structure enables us to be swift, flexible and creative while reducing the execution risks inherent in commercial mortgage transactions.


Valued Relationships

The foundation of Lancewood Capital’s success is constructed upon building and fostering long-term relationships with asset sellers, brokers and borrowers. Our team understands the symbiotic nature of the business and is always looking to expand our extensive network.

Competitive Pricing

Lancewood Capital is committed to offering competitive pricing to borrowers seeking financing solutions and banks looking to monetize sub-performing loans. As a privately held entity, we are free from the demands and return hurdles of outside investors and can provide more favorable financing alternatives.

Dependable Execution

Lancewood Capital understands the market’s need for execution efficiency. Our team recognizes the time pressure that lenders often face when managing their balance sheet risk and that borrowers face when trying to finance a time sensitive acquisition. Our privately funded capital structure and hardworking team allows us to close faster than our competitors.


As a privately held principal investment company, Lancewood Capital is not bound by the same regulations, investor mandates or approval processes that our competitors are subject to. This affords us the creativity and flexibility needed for today’s complex real estate debt transactions.


Lancewood Capital manages its entire loan portfolio in-house and values its relationships with current borrowers. Regardless of whether we are resolving a non-performing loan or maintaining a performing asset, our platform provides the paramount solution for our borrowers.